Previous Challenges

Waratah has a rich history of activities and events that made it the challenge it is today.



Location: Bent's Basin State Recreation Area.

Pre-Waratah: Teams had to bring thier boat made of whatever they want and also crack a coded message about a quaint zebra.

Challenge:  Spend Saturday navigating the local area to find pieces of the puzzle map to lead you to the treasure of Dunn, whilst evading the dredded Dunns Curse. Sunday take to the waters to find Dunns gold and evade the other pirates in on the chase.

Notable For:

- Being moved from Dunns Swamp to Camp Ku-Ring-Gai to Bents Basin all within one week of the activity.

- The first appearence of the dreaded curse. One of the most significant curses earlier in the day saw one member from each team turned into a sheep. Later in the day, the sheep got caught up a tree and needed rescuing, unfortunatly the teams decided to go swimming instead.


Location: Windsor

Challenge: Construct a raft and paddle down the Hawkesbury River.

Location: Danelaw

Challenge: Survive the weekend without being voted off the camp! 


Location: Glenrock Scout Camp

Challenge: Shiprecked on Giligan's Island.

Location: Cataract Scout Park

Challenge: A spy thriller!

Location: Vulcan State Forest

Challenge: The first team past the finish line after zero hour with the least number of lives lost.

Location: Camp Coutts, Waterfall

Challenge: Activities based on the Knights of Camelot.

2013 The Amazing Race Logo

Location: Cocakatoo Island and Nurragingy Reserve

Challenge: Starting at The Scout Compass at Circular Quay, participants had to follow clues across Sydney and the Blue Mountains finishing at the Parramatta Town Hall.

Location: Bangalee Scout Camp

Challenge: A Doctor Who extravaganza!

Location: Vulcan State Forest

Challenge: The first team past the finish line after zero hour with the least number of lives lost.


Waratah2016 FINAL

Location: Glenfield Scout Camp

Challenge: The 2016 Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour!


Waratah 2017

Location: Deerubbin Oval and Bundilla Scout Camp

Challenge: Starting in Windsor, participants had to search QR codes and decript clues across Sydney finishing at Jubilee Park Parramatta.



Location: Ingleside Scout Camp

 Challenge: Teams had to work out what was wrong in the Wizarding World, Save Harry Pottah and defeat the evil Headmaster Dumbledore.



Location: Scheyville National Park

 Challenge: Teams faced their fears in order to complete the designated challenges, but if things got too tough they could shout "I'm a Venturer, Get Me Out of Here!"



Location: TBA

Challenge: An amalgamation of previous Waratah themes in recognition of it's 15 year anniversary.