Jamborette Update #1

Hello everyone,

Just a note to pass on some information regarding the Jamborette.  Please make sure this information is distributed to all leaders/Venturers/Rovers and other adults attending the Jamborette.

Good news.  No coins for the showers are required anymoreJ There is a push button system where you press the button for hot water which will last for 4 minutes then turn off for 6 minutes.  Let you Scouts know this please.

National Parks is watching us very closely this weekend to review the impact we have on the environment at Bents Basin.  So please let all our Scouts etc know about this and to really make an impression on how we care for the environment.  Make sure we do not use any items/chemicals at our base that is not biodegradable or friendly to the environment.  Make sure we can replace any damage to the turf or other vegetation at our base.  Make sure we and our Scouts do not drop rubbish around.

Unfortunately we will not have the Flying Fox this year as we could not get anyone to run it.  We do however have the Climbing wall.

By unanimous decision of the organisers there will be no lolly/drink shops provided at this Jamborette and no one is to sell confectionary or drinks etc on their base or from their campsite.  Please make sure you pass this information on to all your leaders and units.

All leaders/adults and Venturers are required to fill out the A1 if they have not already done so.  All non uniformed personnel, like parent helpers, need to complete the PED as well.  Everyone should have already sent in their A1 to the Region with their applications anyway.

This is a standard Scout camp which prohibits the use of alcohol in camp by everyone.  This includes parents coming to help.  Everyone abides by the rules of the Association when at a formal Scout activity/camp.

All adults and Venturers will be provided with wrist bands for the Jamborette.  Please make sure you all wear them.  If you see an adult without a wristband talking to a Scout please challenge them as to who they are.  This is a National Park and we do not have control as to who comes into the park as it is public.  The camp ground is supposed to be closed to all the public, but as many are aware, that did not stop some last year coming in, though they were not a problem to us.

Due to the rain we have had recently, the water level in the river was up on Sunday while we were doing an inspection, but we expect that to be down by the weekend if we have no extensive rain this week.

Robin Garrett
RC Scouts
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