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The Rules

The Rules form the basis of all Waratah Competitions and are required to be followed by all participants and staff.

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4Scouts Program

4Scouts is the program instigated by Waratah to encourage 13.5 Year Old Scouts to experience Venturers by taking part in the Waratah Experience.

All Scouts over the age of 13.5 are highly encouraged to contact their local Venturer Scout Unit to join in on the fun and adventure that is this years Challenge.

Information is sent out to all Troops following Venturer Section Promotions at Jamborette in June each year. A copy is also sent to all leaders and Group Leaders.

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The Next Challenge

Do you have a great idea for our next challenge of a lifetime? Why not let us know!

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Please note that not all awards are handed out every year due to the many twists and turns of the Waratah Challenge.

The Golden Wattle

This award is given to the team that shows the most enthusiasm and fairplay throughout the competition.

The Banksia

This award is given to the team that shows the best Scouting Skills throughout the competition.

The Silver Fern

This award is given to the first team to solve the problem regardless of thier overall score on the weekend.

The Wollemi Pine

This award is given to the Staff Member/Team who provides the best Activity on the Weekend.

The Mountain Devil

This award is given to the team from outside GWS Region who obtains the Highest Score.

The River Redgum

This award is given to the team from GWS Region who obtains the higest score in the competition.

The Waratah

This award is given to the overall winner of the Waratah Competition.



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The Waratah Team

Waratah each year is put together by a talented team of Leaders, Rovers, Members of the Waratah Scout Activity Fellowship and Supporters.

If you are interested in being part of the Waratah Team, Please contact Waratah organisers on the email provided.


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What is Waratah


Waratah is the annual GWS Region Venturer Camp, held in mid-November of each year. Its aim is to provide participants with a large multi-faceted problem that requires Venturer Scouts to use a wide variety of Scouting Skills to solve. It is also a chance for participants to socialise in a unique and fun-filled environment.

Billed as the Challenge of a Lifetime, Waratah is built up from the ground each year and provides Venturer Scouts with unique activities that they may not experience in their day to day lives. It also promotes a vision of teamwork and inclusion both through its program and through a long standing open invite to Venturers throughout the state to join us. Over the last several years, Waratahs following has grown significantly and now forms a major feature of the GWS Venturers Calendar. Venturers from all over Australia are welcome to attend.

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