Strategic Plan 2012-15

The primary outcome of our Plan is that Scouting "...will be seen as the pre-eminent youth organisation in Australia and in particular in NSW".

This plan looks to deliver 33 initiatives across seven focus areas in the next three years with our 12 months must do's centred around the following:

1. Communicate with, and respond to the needs of youth.

2. Active implementation of the Areas of Personal Growth framework.

3. Every Group to have a Group Plan.

4. Quality Leadership methods with flexible attitudes.

5. Effective and efficient internal communications .

6. Strongly supported District / Region infrastructure.

Another six secondary goals are being addressed also. Next, Region Commissioners will work with their Teams creating a Region Business Plan which will provide local direction. A number of tools have been developed, including a Group Planning Guide to help local Groups achieve number three on our must do's. Please contact your District / Region Commissioner for more details.

Download 2012-2015 Strategic Plan at:

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