ATTENTION SCOUTS: AJ210 Update + District Youth Scout Councils

Message from the Region Commissioner (Scouts) - Robin Garrett

Hi everyone. A couple of updates for the Jamboree 2010


By the time you read this, most of everyone going should have already filled in their registrations. The Jamboree website is still open for on-line registrations. Everyone needs to have included their photograph before they can print out the form. Once the form is printed out, they need to read the Agreement section on the signature page. Each person going needs to sign the form, “Applicant’s signature” and have their, at least one, parent/guardian sign if they are a youth member in the two spots “Parent/Guardian”. Then the Scout/Venturer leader and Group Leader need to sign the form. The Group is to then make a Group cheque for the total amount of all the applications. All the applications including the Group cheque need to be sent to me at either my home address or work address:


5 Raven Place
South Windsor NSW 2756


Robin Garrett
PO Box 2723
Carlingford Court
Carlingford NSW 2118

Please do not send applications/cheques directly to the Region Office as I am required to do the preliminary checks, sign, and make computer entries before sending to the Region Office. Aunty Possum will string me up if I do not have the batch control sheet with the appropriate information so she can bank the monies. If the person is coming from Venturers then the Region Venturer Commissioner needs to sign it.

Applications with deposits are required to be at the Region office by 15th March 2009, so please allow enough time for them to come to me, be processed and get to Jan. Applications will be accepted after this date, but there is no guarantee that the Scout will be included in the same Jamboree Troop as the rest of their home troop.

Enquiries regarding AJ 2010 probably should come to myself rather than bothering Jan. I can be contacted on either 4577-2662 or 0405-103-331.

We are still in the process of working out Troop transport to the Jamboree so do not have details of the travel costs. We will provide this when we know more, hopefully by June.

I have already passed on a lot of information to the District Scout Leaders or someone representing them. There is a Leaders Handbook, plus just released Parents Handbook on the NSW Contingent Website which anyone can have a look at.

I will try to have an update in each months Bulletin of any new information. Generally I send everything to the District Scout Leaders when I receive them. The website mentioned above will also have information, so please check it as well.

District Scout Youth Councils.

From the State Scout Youth Council (SYC) everyone was very enthusiastic about getting these councils operating in each Region and District. We have already implemented the Region SYC and are trying to organize the District SYC’s. Can you all please see what can be done in your District to make sure this happens. There is a Starter Pack available in which your Scouts or you are encouraged to download and look at. Of course all this only works best if the Scouts in your Troop are having regular Troop Councils with the Scouts running the council.

Yours in Scouting,
Robin Garrett

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