Jamboree Update - 9th March 2009

Hi everyone,

Last week some of you or your Scouts/parents/leaders may have experienced difficulties accessing the Jamboree website to complete your Jamboree Applications and even print them out.  This problem started to occur about Wednesday last week.  I understand now that the whole system has been moved to a new computer to help fix some of the problems and was working properly again as of last night.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience in the problems of technology.  We wish to advise that applications acceptance being received by the due date will not be affected by this problem.  We ask that your try it again now and get the applications, including Group cheque, to me as soon as you can.

Can we ask that all Scout and Group leaders please check all the applications to make sure they have all the appropriate boxes marked on the “Medical Statement” and “Agreement, Activities and Authority” pages.  Also make note of the box under the parents signature page regarding court orders.

Leaders and Junior Service Leaders. Can you all please make sure you have signed the Prohibitive Employment Declaration page and that it has not been altered in any way.  Junior Service Leaders must have a parent(s) signature as well on this page.

Leaders.  Can you please make sure this email/information is forwarded to all the people within your districts/groups.  Please also include those who are likely to be Junior Service leaders.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and good efforts.

Robin Garrett  (Batman)

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