If you're thinking of assisting with the Australian Jamboree at the end of
this year at Cataract, please note the Jamboree Organising Council have
advised due to the high level of interest and the current financial crisis
the Application closing date has been extended to May 31, 2009.

Various teams of Rovers are involved in running activities for the
Jamboree and looking for helpers. If you are interested to assist, check
out these threads on the NSW Rover Forum:


And get your applications in by May 31st!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be aware if you wish to visit the Jamboree as a visitor,
for the safety and security of the participants, you must apply to visit,
so appropriate clearances and checks are made.

The following info was received from Charles Watson, NSW State
Commissioner for Venturers:

In view of the security requirements for our event it is important we do
not embarrass Scouters who decide to front up and visit the Jamboree.
Since the NSW Police will be in charge of this there will be no conning of
the entry management people and we need to have people let us know. To
facilitate this please circulate and place on your web site the following
paragraph." Unlike past Jamborees the 22nd Australian Jamboree will not be
open to the public, as a result all persons wishing to visit must apply to
enter the site. All Scouters who plan to wear their uniform must apply no
later than 48 hours prior to their visit. All non Scouters must apply 5
days prior to allow for the compulsory clearances to be obtained. Failure
to apply will mean access will be denied. It is also important to note
that all visitors must be off the site by 6pm unless prior approval to
remain has been granted by the JOC."

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