Jamboree Applications Closing 30th April 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have been informed last night from the NSW Jamboree Contingent Leader that Last Friday we received an email from the Chief Director, AJ2013, concerning the closing date from Jamboree Applications via the Jamboree website.

Essentially, the site will close the application system from 30th April, 2012. This is being done for a number of reasons but essentially so all applications can be processed by Contingents and be in JOC hands by 18th May, 2012. A very short leadtime. The Contingent Leader has personally spoken with the Chief Director concerning the matter to secure our original arrangement to no avail.

What this means is that we need applications as soon as possible in the first instance, forwarded to the Region office or preferably directly to myself at:
5 Raven Place
South Windsor NSW 2756

Or my work:
PO Box 2723 Carlingford Court
Carlingford NSW 2118

Items sent to the Region Office will be forwarded to me if I do not get down to pick them up. If personal delivery is desired, please contact me (0405-103-331) and I will let you know the best location.

Second, we need you to follow up with Groups as a matter of urgency to encourage submission of forms, registration and Groups that have not registered any Scouts. We have a few. If you want to know if there are any Troops in your district, please let me know.

Late applications will be handled under a separate process which has not been defined as yet, but as in all late applications, we cannot guarantee supply of Contingent gear, role allocation or choice of Jamboree Troop allocation.

NSW Contingent did accept late applications but the closing date of 31st August, 2012 for late applications now appears to be in jeopardy. We will advise once more details are available.

We apologise for this change but we were not part of the decision process in this instance and therefore outside of our control. Your understanding and assistance are required urgently.

Let’s move quickly to spread this word to our Troops.

Robin Garrett "Batman"
Regional Commissioner (Scouts)
Greater Western Sydney Region
Ph 02-4577-2662 | Mobile 0405-103-331

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