Region Jamborette (June 2013)

Information and forms now available. Click the following link: 

Applications Process Updated for 2013

Please note that this year the application process for Jamborette is slightly different. You need to complete the cover sheet and names spreadsheet electronically – application forms part one and part two available on the GWS website – link

Then bring the cover (2nd page of application form one) , spreadsheet (application form 2), A1 forms and money to the office. Also e-mail a copy of the spreadsheet to the office ().

All youth members must be registered members before the event. A1s for non-registered members will not be accepted unless the Y1 (signed by parent and GL) is with it. They will then be registered and will appear on your next census.

Please note that any incomplete A1 forms will not be accepted. They must have emergency contacts and medicare numbers.

Any applications that do not include all the paperwork, including the cover sheet and spreadsheet will be refused.

All the A1s must be brought with the cover and spreadsheet. We spent a lot of time last year chasing up A1 forms that had been paid but no form brought in. If the number of A1s does not match the spreadsheet then the missing A1 people will be scored off the spreadsheet and they will not be on the list.

All youth applications must come in with the group application unless prior approval by either Robin Garrett or GWS Office has been given that it is brought in separately.

It is preferred that payment is by group cheque payable to ‘Scouts Australia’.

If you have any questions please do let us know.


Maggi Roynon
Office Assistant
Greater Western Sydney Region Office
Tel: 02 9639 2488

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